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My Work

Below is a smattering that shows the breadth of my professional work. Looking for support with your own brand or startup? Partner with me to assist with your consulting, coaching, writing, or speaking needs.



Dr. Bronner's Blog Post 1

Accessibility to menstrual products is a human right. It shouldn’t be a luxury or a nice-to-have. I invite you to share this blog post of mine and to speak up when you see an opportunity to improve the lives of other women.


Dr. Bronner's Blog Post 2

Normalize talking about mental health. As a contributing writer for the Dr. Bronner's Blog, this is a piece I wrote about my personal psychedelic experience with Ketamine for PTSD.  



Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Show - Season 6 Episode 2

Watch me compete in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment in which startup founders need to race against the clock while maintaining their composure to make a clear, deliberate pitch.


Appeal to Real-World Women, Ditch the Stereotypes

As a contributing writer for MG Retailer, this is a piece I wrote on how my design studio, Purple Line Media, approached design for our female-centric brands. 



Check out this list of noteworthy podcasts that I have been featured on.  


Thinking Outside the Bud - Episode 217

A business podcast devoted to driving innovation.


Shack 15 - Episode 38

A panel discussion about the future of employee supported psychedelic wellness.


The Canna Mom Show

Talking raising capital (as a woman), California cannabis and how Covid 19 is impacting the cannabis industry.

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